Reading: 3 Reasons It Will Make You More Successful

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Reading: 3 Reasons It Will Make You More Successful

Reading is a basic and essential skill. Yet we are so overstimulated by television, advertising and marketing that we’re often ‘too tired’ to read. If you want to be successful in life, you have to be stronger than your excuses. Reading stimulates the mind. It increases focus and creativity, can reduce stress by up to 68% and improves your memory. It helps you to articulate, and if nothing else is a constructive form of entertainment.

“If you wan’t to be successful in life, you have to be stronger than your excuses”

With this in mind, let’s establish the reasons why reading will make you a success.

1. Success Leaves Cluessignpost implying that reading leads to a new life

-You’ve found your passion in life.

-You want to climb to the top.

-You’ve developed a new product/service.

-You have a natural curiosity.

-You’ve found a niche market.

-You want to emanate the success of others.

And yet you don’t know the first step to getting moving? Why not see how other people did it! It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing a new idea to market or trying to get ahead in your career. I guarantee you that someone has done it already and most likely published a book about it. All you have to do is follow the breadcrumbs (clues) they left behind to point in the same direction.

2. It’s Written Somewhere

All the knowledge and information the human race has ever developed and accumulated is recorded somewhere! You don’t have to blow the dust off some centuries old encyclopaedia and sit in a rocking chair to ‘read.’

audible 30-day free trial

  • Audible has over 200,000 audiobooks to choose from and offer a free 30-day trial membership follow the link to check it out. You get your first book free and a host of on-going discounts so you really have no excuse not to ‘read!’
  • Podcasts are an incredible resource for specific niches.
  • The fact you’re reading this you already have the ultimate resource for all human knowledge at your disposal- the internet! 

Stop thinking of reading as a time-consuming nuisance, and get with the times. Who knows, you might even learn something!

3. All Leaders Are Readers

If you really want to break free from the mediocre you have to become a leader. It isn’t just about immersing you in knowledge about your specific field. To bring people to your side it could mean learning leadership skills, how to influence, laws of attraction, body language, emotional triggers, communication… the list goes on!

Each of these is a field in and of itself, and you have to be prepared to branch into all of them to truly succeed. It’s what the people who came before you did, and the people chasing you are doing. So go outside the box with your reading. Obtain influence and opinions from other fields of thinking, and remember:

The first person you lead, is you!

Woman reading John C. Maxwell's Leadership 101 book

Where Do You Start Reading?

Thanks to the low overheads with digital media every man and his dog seem to have their own book these days. And whilst that supplies an abundance of new information, it doesn’t guarantee quality work or research. How are you ever going find the time to sort through everything out there, do you ask? Well, to start with you can let me do the hard work, and begin with my book reviews before deciding to turn a page.

Once you’re done there, though, you have to determine where your interests lay. For me, it is in personal development, and as an example that encompasses a huge range of potential starting points. I could begin with articles about building more confidence, or how to improve my writing. I could pick up a book about mindset, listen to audio about marketing, or simply read a motivational quote.

The decision of where you start is up to you, but the key is in taking action. You must start. That is the hardest step. Once you do everything cascades. One concept or idea will lead to another. Podcasts will recommend each other, or tell you about a book you should read. You can search for similar titles, similar topics, more by the author. Any information you have ever needed is written somewhere! But you won’t find a thing if you don’t start somewhere.

Don’t forget to get your free membership to Audible now to access over 200,000 audio books, and start reading on the go!

What is your favourite personal development book? Would you recommend it as a valuable resource? Let me know in the comments below or on Social Media!

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