Compare the Best Marketing Strategies

The Modern World of Online Marketing

Learning online marketing strategies on a laptop

There are literally thousands of ways to earn money in today's world, but the best ones are online. Think of all the things you could do if you're income was generated automatically! That's the promise that has me so allured. So I am creating this space to compare online marketing strategies (for both our sakes), as well as to:

  • Help you find a place to start.
  • Show you the marketing strategies I come across, and which ones I implement.
  • Evaluate their effectiveness, so that you can decide if you want to try it out.


Why Would I Want to Market Online?

Here are some fun facts.

  • Around 40% of the global population is on the internet (more than 3.5 billion).
  • Towards the end of 2016, there were 1.79 billion active users on facebook.
  • More than half a billion people use Instagram.
  • Amazon nets more than $1000 per second, or $34 204 000 000 per year.

So why would you want to move online? Because that is where the world is, and it isn't going away. BUT the online space is constantly evolving to the point where just having a website doesn't cut it. There are thousands upon thousands of complicated algorithms and analytics that decide if and when someone sees your product or service.


The Real Advantage of Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing is becoming increasingly difficult. Right now, social media platforms offer the most engagement. Knowing how and where to utilise them, however, is another matter entirely. In fact, research shows that most people need between 8-20 exposures to an advertisement before they even consider buying your product or service. Not to mention it's nearly impossible to sift through the click bait, scams, advertising, and 'marketing gurus' to find something that will actually produce results. In today's tech-savvy world consumers know when they're being sold to. They are accustomed to ignoring the constant bombardment of advertising online.


The busy world of internet marketing

On the other hand, building a business online and implementing effective online marketing strategies have one huge advantage- the ability to track metrics. There is no way to determine if traditional advertising (in newspapers or magazines) actually works. But by utilising online marketing strategies it is possible:

  • to target and track your demographic.
  • to target specific interests and audiences.
  • to define your 'perfect customer.'
  • to redevelop your copy and campaigns to be more appealing.
  • to scale your advertisements and budget based on which ones actually produce results!

So I invite you to delve into the world of online marketing with me. Scroll down to see more about which online marketing strategies I am using and why, and if they actually work. At the very least, it might help you to find your own starting point.

If you have your own online marketing strategies or would like me to evaluate yours let me know on Social Media!